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lock in your price.

join the revolution and instantly lock in day 1 pricing.

welcome to the revolution.

$115 $99

the big launch is almost here

after our soft launch - we spent the last six months learning from our mistakes and discovering how to build the best slow fashion system the world has ever seen.

we're confident that we've got it figured out now, and we're so excited to launch this revolution to new heights.

fabric prices

unfortunately we got news last week that our fabric prices are increasing by over 30% due to cotton shortages as a result of poor yields and bad flooding

labor costs

new year, new inflation, adjusted salaries for our artisans. to keep up with the cost of living increases in Italy, our labor costs are increasing

energy cost

the world is, unfortunately, going through an energy crisis, and energy costs have increased 200% in most cities, it takes a lot of energy to make jeans.


fuel surcharges, spikes in freight cost, and the highest shipping label costs we've ever seen are leading to large unforeseen costs.

why are we raising prices?

if you're on the list then you don't have to worry about it. but here's why...

why are we locking in prices?

we made a promise and we always follow through on our promises.

since the beginning, we promised we would deliver the world's best jeans under $100, and millions of you have watched us build this company into what it is today with that promise front and center. if you're reading this, then you're one of our day 1's, a major part of the reason we even have the opportunity to be doing a second launch, and we want to guarantee you the price we promised. simply drop your name and e-mail above (if you already receive e-mails from us don't worry about it) and you'll forever be added to the day 1 club. you'll receive a personalized coupon code before launch and special offers for being one of our earliest supporters. 

stay groovy people.

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