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the straight

the classic that never goes out of style

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we were asked to provide pocket options, so here you go...

the cut

$99.99 USD

Enter the realm of the straight jean, an essential silhouette that marries the best of both worlds. At slø, our straight cut is a masterful blend that fits snugly from hip to knee, then falls in a sleek, straight line to the ankle — think of it as the skinny's laid-back sibling. With options for a high rise that sits comfortably above the hips or a mid-rise for classic appeal, this cut is a versatile charmer in any denim lover's collection.

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the specs

rise and colours for your next favourite jean

Immerse yourself in the art of denim refinement with our straight jeans, where each thread weaves together durability and a whisper of softness. This denim is not just made; it's sculpted from the finest materials, yielding a fabric that respects the strength of tradition and the comfort of the present. As they grace your form, these jeans become a second skin, with each color — the contemplative 'Indigo', the vivacious 'Stardust', and the steadfast 'Onyx' — narrating a different chapter of your style saga, a story that's ready to unfold with the turn of every corner, every choice of your day's journey.

Our straight jeans are a promise of versatility, a garment designed to blend seamlessly into the tapestry of your life's moments. They are the silent confidants to your daily ventures, adaptable, reliable, and ever ready to translate your mood into a visual symphony. Whether you're channeling the focused poise of Onyx or the effervescent charm of Stardust, these jeans stand as your unwavering canvas, ready to be splashed with the colors of your personal expression, your unspoken yet unmistakable signature.

the style

making sure you always have something to wear

The straight jean is a masterclass in elegance and a virtuoso of versatility, its design honed to create an elongated silhouette that celebrates the natural line of the leg. As it travels from hip to ankle without a curve or crease, it crafts an aesthetic of endless allure, an unbroken line that subtly lengthens and enhances. This denim marvel invites an exploration of style that ranges from the edgy defiance of thick-soled lug boots, grounding you with their solid statement, to the classic sophistication of a stiletto heel, which introduces a narrative of polished grace.

For those who seek the drama of elevation without forsaking comfort, the statuesque lift of a block-heeled boot slips just as perfectly beneath the even cascade of denim, continuing the jeans' sleek story.

But the true artistry of the straight jean comes alive in the styling. Wrap a belt around the waist to punctuate your ensemble with a focal point, or let a French tuck of a soft, billowy blouse create a blouson effect that contrasts delightfully with the denim's straight fall. Pair with a tailored blazer to infuse a sense of structured sophistication, or opt for a leather jacket to channel a spirit of rebellious chic. Accessorize with minimalist jewelry to keep the look refined or choose bold pieces to make a statement. The straight jean adapts to your mood and setting, whether you're crafting an outfit that commands attention in the workplace or curating a casual yet polished look for a day out in the city. With every accessory and layer, the straight jean proves to be the quintessential foundation of a thoughtful wardrobe, a piece that not only fits into your life but also elevates it.

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