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the 90s straight

a decade in fabric, it'll be there for you (even if the rain starts to pour)

the fit

$99.99 USD

Reignite the daring spirit of the '90s with our wide straight jeans, a garment that not only fills the space with its presence but also captures the essence of a decade renowned for its bold fashion statements. As these jeans ascend to encircle the waist, they offer a snug, flattering fit, celebrating your natural shape and laying the foundation for what's to unfold. The denim then unfurls from this focal point of fit into a generous, flowing expanse, meticulously designed to drape from hip to ankle in a relaxed yet deliberate manner. This is denim architecture at its finest, aimed at elongating your silhouette and crafting an aesthetic of lean elegance.

As you move, these jeans move with you — not just a piece of clothing, but a dynamic extension of your persona. They embody a design philosophy that intertwines the laid-back vibes of the '90s with the polished nuances of contemporary fashion. Each element, from the rise at the waist to the hem that brushes the ground, is a carefully considered verse in a sonnet of style. This is a cut that doesn't just fit; it flatters, enhances, and transforms. It’s a style that holds the comfort and rebellious attitude of the past while projecting the clean lines and refined finish that today's fashion demands. In these jeans, every entrance you make is not just seen — it's felt, a testament to a time when fashion was fearless, now reimagined for the modern trailblazer.

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the specs

our take on a timeless classic

Delve into the rich tapestry of denim history with our '90s wide straight jeans, a piece that artfully stitches together the vibrant essence of a bygone era with the enlightened fabric technology of today. This denim is not just woven; it's engineered — a blend of robustness and supple grace, a material that pledges to journey with you through time, maintaining its integrity and comfort from dawn to dusk. The alchemy of organic and recycled threads interlace to form a denim that respects our planet as much as it respects your need for enduring fashion.

Each color in our palette tells its own story. The 'Indigo' is as deep and mysterious as the midnight sky, a tribute to the rich history and unassailable cool that denim has always brought to the table. The 'Stardust' is a playful dance of light and whimsy, a hue that captures the imagination and invites daydreams of celestial adventures. 'Onyx', by contrast, is the essence of grounded sophistication, a profound black that offers depth and versatility, serving as the perfect backdrop for any color it's paired with. Whether you prefer the flattering cinch of a high-rise or the casual ease of a mid-rise, these jeans are a canvas for self-expression, a way to tell your story through fashion that is as conscientious as it is captivating. They're not just pants; they're a promise of possibility, a denim dream spun into reality.

the style

how to bring out your posh spice

The '90s wide straight jean isn't just a garment — it's a declaration of style, a fluid canvas that invites a myriad of pairings. Its expansive wide leg is a dramatic backdrop that accentuates the snug fit of a bodysuit or the clean line of a fitted top, crafting a silhouette that's as statuesque as it is spirited. The high-rise cut ascends with purpose, cinching and contouring before spilling into the generous width of the jean, offering a counterpoint that's both striking and harmonious. It's this juxtaposition of fit and flare that encapsulates the adventurous spirit of the '90s while staying rooted in the here and now.

Footwear becomes a pivotal character in this style story, with the hem of the jeans setting the stage. Let them brush the curves of ankle boots, playing a flirtatious game of hide-and-seek, or command the scene with a longer inseam that allows the denim to sweep majestically over platform sandals or statement heels, each step a tribute to the sweeping elegance of palazzo pants. The choice of inseam empowers you to dictate the jeans' final act — cropped to put your footwear in the spotlight, or flowing to create a continuous line of sartorial eloquence. This is more than a pair of jeans; it's a stylistic journey, a sartorial partner that adapts to your individual narrative with the '90s wide straight jean as your trusted base, ready to be dressed up with a sharply tailored blazer or dressed down with a simple vintage tee. Every ensemble becomes a curated expression of self, a testament to the transformative power of a truly exceptional cut.

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