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the cargo

sustainable luxury denim you could wear on the runway or to the job site. durable, customizable, and personalized.

you've got options

we were asked to provide pocket options, so here you go...

12 pocket

$48.12 USD + Free customizations

Step into a world where tales of adventure merge with timeless elegance. Introducing our 12-pocket cargo jeans, colored with the deep and mesmerizing hue of "Indigo" – a shade that whispers of midnight skies and endless horizons.

Crafted with dedication, these jeans intertwine 80% organic cotton denim with 20% pre-consumer cotton, salvaged from fashion's forgotten tales. The result? A fabric that tells a story of sustainability, resilience, and a gentle embrace with every wear.

Imagine wandering through a bustling cityscape, the hum of life all around. With each pocket, you're equipped for every twist and turn. A hidden note, an unexpected trinket, or perhaps that quaint café's business card you promised to revisit. These jeans become an extension of your adventures, a silent partner in your daily quests.

And as you move, the jeans move with you, shaping and fading, reflecting every chapter, every adventure. The old-school denim, thick and enduring, becomes a canvas of your life's journey, while the subtle stretch ensures every step, every dance, every leap is taken with freedom.

But these aren't the cargos of yesteryears. This is a reinvention, a fusion of fashion and function. No longer relegated to the realm of the mundane or the frumpy, they stand as a testament to what happens when style meets purpose.

With slø's 12-pocket cargo jeans, you're not merely wearing a piece of clothing; you're donning a legacy, an odyssey of style and sustainability.

wash options


10 pocket

$48.12 USD + Free customizations

Journey to the cosmos where style and adventure intertwine. Presenting our 10-pocket cargo jeans seen here in the ethereal "Stardust" hue – a luminous light blue that echoes the celestial wonders and whispers of legendary tales.

Intricately crafted, these jeans blend 80% organic cotton denim with 20% pre-consumer cotton, salvaged from the annals of forgotten fashion. The result? A fabric that not only pledges allegiance to sustainability but also resonates with tales of tenacity and a touch as soft as the velvety expanse of the night sky.

Imagine a trek under a canopy of stars, the world bathed in a silvery glow. With each pocket of these jeans, you move with a touch more agility, a hint more grace, ready to dance with the constellations or navigate the mysteries of the midnight realm. A cherished note, a crystal, or that small artifact from an ancient civilization, these jeans carry your essentials, making you ever-ready for the enigmas the universe might unfold.

As you chart this infinite canvas of dreams, the jeans evolve with you, capturing every story, every moment. The signature denim, woven with

tales of old, offers unrestrained freedom with every turn.


But these aren't the cargos of old tales; they are a symphony of modern elegance and purpose. With a tad less weight but every bit of

essence, they embody the spirit of the cosmic wanderer.


In slø's 10-pocket Stardust cargo jeans, you're not merely adorning denim; you're embracing a legend, a cosmic journey of style and discovery.

wash options


8 pocket

$48.12 USD + Free Shipping

Dive into a universe where classic meets contemporary. Introducing our 8-pocket cargo jeans in the mesmerizing "Stardust" shade – a radiant light blue that beckons with tales of cosmic allure and timeless charm.

Masterfully woven, these jeans unite 80% organic cotton denim with 20% pre-consumer cotton, reclaimed from fashion's echo chambers. The result? A fabric that stands as a beacon of sustainability, radiating tales of resilience, all while offering a caress as soft as the embrace of a nebula.

Envision a stride through a metropolis lit by starlight, each step echoing elegance and simplicity. These jeans, with their spacious saddle pockets, are a nod to the classic cargo design we've cherished through the epochs, ensuring you're equipped for every urban escapade or celestial journey. While they may not boast the myriad pockets of their counterparts, they understand that sometimes, less is more. Streamlined, functional, and undeniably stylish, they're crafted for those who seek purpose without the excess.

As you meander through life's galaxy, the jeans are your constant companion, capturing every narrative, every dream. The signature denim, rich with stories and legends, promises unbridled freedom and a dance with destiny.

These aren't just any cargos; they are an ode to the timeless, a harmonious blend of the old and the new. With every wear, they whisper tales of the cosmos and the footprints we leave behind.

In slø's 8-pocket Stardust cargo jeans, you're not just wearing denim; you're stepping into an ageless saga, a dance of elegance and purpose.

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