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now made at our own factory

the jean jacket

luxury brand quality, customizable, personalized, and built on the most sustainable materials we can get our hands on.

first 2000 jean jackets from groovy labs

$119.99 USD

old-school, classic, durable denim

13.5oz non-stretch denim built to be passed down to the next generation


a rinse dark wash

Introducing our take on the Trucker Jacket – a blend of eco-conscious craftsmanship and impeccable style. Crafted from 80% organic cotton denim and 20% pre-consumer cotton rescued from unsold fast fashion pieces, this jacket is a testament to our commitment to the planet and fashion-forward thinking.

Our uniquely sustainable blend doesn't just talk the talk; it walks the walk. Experience the juxtaposition of heavyweight durability and a soft touch that cocoons you in comfort. Designed intentionally oversized, it's perfect for those chilly days when you want to layer up without feeling bundled up.

Deep front pockets? Check. Inside pockets for your treasures? Absolutely. And let's not forget about the buttons – sourced from one of Turkey's finest, made entirely from recycled metals. It's these little details that elevate the jacket from just another piece in your wardrobe to a statement piece.

Each jacket is meticulously personalized with your name, making it truly yours. Bathed in a stunning "indigo" – a dark blue rinse wash that exudes an intense deep blue aura, it's luxury redefined. And the best part? You get all this luxury quality at just 1/5th the usual price.

Join the revolution, wear your name with pride, and let every thread of this jacket tell a story of sustainable luxury.

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like a fallen star

Step into a realm of sustainable elegance with a hue that captures the essence of timeless charisma. Meet our "Stardust" Trucker Jean Jacket – a radiant light blue spectacle that subtly whispers tales of iconic style.

Meticulously crafted, this jacket brings together 80% organic cotton denim with 20% pre-consumer cotton sourced from unsold fashion pieces.


The result? A unique blend that marries durability with a touch as soft as the night sky.

Designed with an intentional oversized fit, it's perfect for those moments when you want to layer up, exuding style with a hint of mystery. Dive into deep front pockets and secret inside pockets, each detail carefully considered for the fashion-forward individual. And those buttons? Crafted from recycled metals, sourced from the best artisans in Turkey, adding a touch of sustainable luxury.

Each jacket is personalized, bearing your name, making every piece uniquely yours. As for the color? Think of a celestial body, shimmering, bold, and light blue – a nod to the stars and the legends that have danced beneath them.

Experience luxury, but at just a fraction of the cost. With the Stardust jacket, the sky isn't the limit; it's just the beginning.

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jet black and on the attack

Unveiling the epitome of timeless elegance – our "Onyx" Trucker Jean Jacket. A shade so deep and true, it captures the essence of the night, promising to journey with you through the tapestry of life.

Crafted with our signature blend of 80% organic cotton denim and 20% pre-consumer cotton from unsold fashion treasures, this jacket embodies the spirit of sustainable luxury. Its true black hue is designed to remain steadfast, yet, over time, it will gracefully adapt, reflecting your unique journey and becoming an extension of your essence.

Its intentional oversized design serves as an invitation to envelope oneself in its embrace, making room for layers and memories alike. Deep front pockets await your adventures, while hidden inside pockets treasure your secrets. And those buttons? Sustainably sourced from the best in Turkey, they're a nod to our unwavering commitment to the planet.

Each jacket is thoughtfully personalized with your name, ensuring this piece is truly and uniquely yours. The Onyx isn't just a jacket; it's a lifetime partner, designed to evolve with you, reflecting every chapter, every twist, every turn.

Dive into the depths of sustainable style without breaking the bank. With Onyx, you're not just wearing a jacket; you're wearing a legacy.

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