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far from perfect... 

but we've pushed forward no matter what.

Our first year was riddled with setbacks, and while we knew that setting up a slow fashion company in a fast fashion world would lead to problems, we definitely underestimated how many company-defining issues we'd have to solve.

From lost pallets to logistics companies shipping hundreds of packages to the wrong customers, to our first manufacturer getting 70% of our order wrong, so many preventable nightmares were out of our control.

But many of them were in our control - and they are mistakes that we made, have learned from, and are grateful to have gained experience from, but they were still mistakes that effected the customer experience - and that's not good enough.

We've spent months at the drawing board, trying to come up with better ways to operate, new team members to hire, and new systems to put in place.

We think we've cracked it, and we want to show you our vision for slow fashion.


Investor Only Launch - August 2024

We will be launching our new collection of classic cuts with our sizeYOU V3 size system, powered by our new sizing profiles, algorithms, and automatic order update systems. It's going to be our best launch yet, and our goal is to serve our investor community first, recieve as much feedback as possible, and go to launch publically later in the Fall

Your jeans will arrive - September 2024

Your jeans will arrive in September, and a member of our team will be in touch to get your feedback and ensure that they are a great fit. We want as much feedback as possible in order to ensure we make our product the best it can possibly be. If there is anything wrong with them, we'll make it right immediately.

Full Public Launch - October 2024

Using your feedback, we'll go to launch in October with the public - it's going to be our biggest launch yet, and will instantly increase the value of your investment in slø.

NEW V6 - August 2024

  • Our fastest production yet - 21-day production time

  • Our best fit yet - 600+ sizes (300+ more than sizeYOU v2)

  • Our most sustainable jeans - Triple certified fabric

  • Our strongest jeans yet - 11.75 OZ denim built to last

  • Our most personal experience - New personalized garment bag

  • Our new sizing experience - New sizing profiles and automatic size match

  • Our new production model - Better consistency in quality and longevity

  • Our new collection - classic cuts reimagined, we call them - the jeans™

  • Our new update system - live automated step-by-step updates through production

  • Our new fulfillment system - faster, more reliable, and more consistent

  • Our most sensory-friendly jeans - no more itchy tags, seams, or stitches


and of course...

  • Our best Pockets yet - better quality pocket lining and the perfect depth.

This launch is 18 months in the making - will you join us?

Why invest?

Let's talk about what we've accomplished in our first 18 months, and our plans for the future (because there's still a lot of work to do)!

The roadmap ahead

As an investor these are the key projects you can look forward to, and our projections for the business in 2024 and beyond.

While projections can never be guaranteed, our team is incredibly confident.

For any Investment in our slow fashion revolution: 

- A pair of personalized V6 Jeans at our investor-only launch in August 2024 (21 day delivery)

- Personalized organic cotton garment bag with your name on it (great as a travel laundry bag!)

- Shares in slø (grown in value by 300% so far)

- A symbolic stock certificate signed by the whole team

- A limited edition investor patch

- A limited edition investor enamel pin

- Your name on the wall of our factory - Groovy Labs

- A 20% lifetime discount on slø made to order products

- A 50% lifetime discount on slø stock products

+ An Investor exclusive T-shirt for the first 500 investments

Kristian H

CEO, Founder, Social Media Lead, Product Designer, Videographer, Video Editor, Branding Lead, Social media manager, Fundrasing Lead, Legal + Accounting, UI/UX,  Manufacturing system designer, and travels more than 300 days a year for this project

Abhi C

CTO, Co-Founder, Customer Service Team, Database Architect, Customer experience designer, Supply chain manager, OMS lead, Sizing algorithm lead, Investor Relations, Facilities management, and currently building half a dozen apps to streamline slø

Ralph DL

COO, Founding Team, Runway and financial management, Supply chain team, Customer Service Team, Manufacturing Team Liason, Accounting + Compliance, Recruiting + HR team,  Fundraising Team, and running around London pitching dozens of investors on the daily.

Zeena M

Head of Customer Experience, Founding Team, Product design team, Sizing team, Customer support team, supply chain + Manufacturing, Facilities management, and flies around the world non-stop translating for the team

Blue Blue

Chief Feline Officer, Emotional Support Lead, Denim tester (by sleeping on them) lover of boxes and catnip

Accomplishments so far

1,800,000 variants of Jeans available

From our first launch to now, we've made almost 2,000,000 potential variants available to customers across 4 sold-out launches.

- 22 different styles have been launched

- 600+ different sizes have been made

- 4000+ 1 of 1 variants have been created

- 12,000+ jeans shipped to 80 different countries around the world

- Less than 5% return rate (industry average is 35%)

Built our own factory - Groovy Labs

Kristian and Zeena packed their bags and moved across the world to build Groovy Labs, which started as a dusty old fast-fashion factory and was converted into the first slow fashion factory for denim in Istanbul over 6 painstaking months of cleaning, renovating, and rebuilding.

- Increased capacity from 1000/month to 5000/month

- Hired a full team for the factory

- Rebuilt and repurposed a fast fashion facility into a slow fashion facility

- Installed our OMS system we built in-house

- Shipped over 5000 jeans in our first launch from Groovy Labs

- Cut average lead time down by 120%

$1,1m USD revenue in first 18 months

While none of us are in this for the money (believe me our bank balances are screaming at us) hitting 7 figures in revenue in the first year was a huge accomplishment for the team and proved that the market wanted our solutions. We are still working towards profitability, and this second investment round on Wefunder is a huge leap towards that goal.

We built our own technology from the ground up

Special products require special solutions, and our entire system from manufacturing to delivery to our website itself requires out-of-the-box thinking. 

We've built 5 different applications in-house and even have the potential to be able to license our factory operating system in the future to improve the efficiency of other factories and make the industry as a whole significantly more sustainable.

Built one of the biggest size sets on Earth

We set out to make fashion more inclusive -


By creating our made-to-order model we knew that we would be able to ensure that anybody looking for a quality pair of jeans could order a pair with slø - without the worry of what's in stock, or available.

Since launch we've made over 600 different sizes, improved the size set 3 times, and will be launching sizeYOU V3 with our upcoming investors only launch in August - introducing our best fit ever.

We took over 1,200,000 suggestions since day 1

This has always been a community project, and listening to community feedback, (whether it's good or bad) has been a major part of our core philosophy since day 1.

We have implemented thousands of suggestions into the product itself, our ordering system, our fabric selections, and more.

The team has spent literally 500+ hours assessing feedback and coming u with ways to improve our systems.

Why are we raising money?


We have an opportunity to sell into one of the world's biggest markets (India) through a huge partnership we need to prepare for!

Customer Experience

To improve our customer experience and make sure that buying a pair of slø jeans is a painless and fun experience

Media Expansion

You found us on TikTok, and it's time to make sure that our media machine never stops ever again by hiring some support 

For a better industry

Our mission from day one has been to make the industry more inclusive, sustainable, and personalized

Key Projects

Non-denim launch - Tests begin Fall 2025 for investors

Our size set is our biggest asset, powered by our one-of-a-kind manufacturing it gives us immense flexibility most brands do not have.

We plan on branching out our offerings beyond jeans to chinos and other work wear, casual pants, and even outerwear.

Our goal is to become the go-to place for high quality staples that fit fantastically, last forever, and are made ethically and sustainably.

Groovy Labs II - India (Spring 2025)

While our expansion into India has not been confirmed yet, we will be opening a second manufacturing facility in order to handle the increase in demand and volume required to service the region successfully.

Groovy Labs II will take all of the things we have learned in our first factory and give us the ability to build from the ground up.

A second facility de-risks our supply chain substantially and will add a ton of value to your investment

Collaborations with your favourite brands

We receive a substantial amount of requests from brands to utilize our made-to-order manufacturing solution.

We want to give our investors the ability to vote on whom we should do collaborations with, giving you access to discounted garments from your favorite brands, sustainably and ethically made in our factory

if you made it this far...

a letter from Kristian.

Back in September of 2022, my life changed forever thanks to each and every one of you. In a matter of minutes, we were one of the fastest-growing denim companies on the planet, and I couldn't believe it.

It's been an absolute whirlwind, I simultaneously feel like I've lived 10 lifetimes, but that I've also blinked and *POOF* here I am.

You are the people who helped me take this crazy idea from a random Tik-Tok to a global fashion movement. I never in a million years thought I'd be moving across the world to build a denim factory, nor did I ever think we'd be fighting one of the biggest industries on Earth.

The goal of this investment round is to bring as many of you as possible further into the project. I want to build a community of investors who believe in what we're building and want to see the fashion industry change for the better. I strongly believe that with the right people, we can challenge an industry that has not been disrupted in decades.

I am so unbelievably grateful for the patience, support, and kindness so many of you have shown as we battled growing pains, missteps, and mistakes. Our next chapter is one of massive growth, gratitude, and revolution.

Thank you for giving me the ability to wake up every day and fight this fight, and I hope that you will consider joining our investor community and help me push this project even further forward. 

I genuinely cannot explain how much this means to me,

Stay Groovy people,


Learn more on WeFunder

Place any investment and receive:

- A pair of personalized V6 Jeans at our investor-only launch in August 2024 (21 day delivery)

- Personalized organic cotton garment bag with your name on it (great as a travel laundry bag!)

- Shares in slø (grown in value by 300% so far)

- A symbolic stock certificate signed by the whole team

- A limited edition investor patch

- A limited edition investor enamel pin

- Your name on the wall of our factory - Groovy Labs

- A 20% lifetime discount on slø made to order products

- A 50% lifetime discount on slø stock products

+ An Investor exclusive T-shirt for the first 500 investments

Any Questions?

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21-day production and a new experience.

new jeans customizer, sizing experience + size set, fabric, customer support system, and more...

the slø fashion company

need help? shoot us an e-mail at

we'll be back later this summer with a new collection.

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