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now made at our own factory

made-to-order denim

over 63,400 possible combinations to choose from
sustainable, functional, and handcrafted
our first launches were not good enough

which is why we're selling at cost

to prove that our new and improved system at Groovy Labs works, and that slow fashion can work in a fast fashion world

made to order = made for you.

personalize your product with your name, nickname, or initials
80% organic cotton, 20% pre-consumer cotton

slow fashion

made out of fast fashion.

millions of pounds of fast fashion waste gets discarded every year,  our fabric contains 20% pre-consumer cotton from unsold fast fashion garments, blended with the world's softest organic cotton, made by ISKO textiles, one of the most sustainable denim mills on the planet

21-30 day production (or faster)

our first couple of launches were wayyyyy too slow... so we bought our own factory and took control.
supervised by mr.puggles

4,032 potential outcomes

what are you going to design?

we believe that the future of fashion is in your hands - we are simply the facilitators

fashion has always been a one way conversation, with brands creating collections, hiring famous models and celebrities to wear them, and telling people "this is what you want". we believe that fashion is in the hands of the people, and we are simply here to make what you want, when you want it, how you want it.
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